French Decorative Arts 1900-1950. Specialists in French Art Deco Furniture, French Modernist, French Forties - all by the best designers of the period. Also original design from the 1960s-1980s. And a vast collection of fine original photography.

For French design, Calderwood is wall to wall in radiant Art Deco elegance.
— The New York Times
Duck into the cooler-than-thou Calderwood to size up their impressive collection of Art Deco furniture. A requisite pit-stop for style mavens, or those who want to be.
— Arrive Magazine
. . ‘the thrill of the hunt. That’s what drives our business’. And it’s what has yielded a staggering collection of 1900 to 1950 French furnishings . . . the vast stock includes some of the finest examples of the period, such as a 1934 Ruhlmann side table.
— Architectural Digest
There are two places in the world where you can find pieces of Paul Follot’s gilt suite from the (Parisian) Artistes’ Decorateurs Salon of 1912: The Louvre, and . . . Calderwood Gallery . . . Janet and Gary Calderwood showcase their renowned collecdtion of French Art Deco and modernist antiques . . .
— Phila Magazine's The Hot List