About The Gallery

Calderwood Gallery has built an international following as a world-class resource for original French Art Deco (1910-1950) furniture by the most illustrious designers. Launched in 1982 by Janet and Gary Calderwood, the gallery has a vast inventory of original 20th Century Design by Ruhlmann, Arbus, Leleu, Dominique, Jallot, Dufrene, Follot, Subes, and their contemporaries from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

Some years ago, together with their son, Chris Calderwood, they expanded to include innovative decorative arts from mid-Century Modern through the 60s-80s . . . with emphasis on pieces that incorporated interesting materials like Lucite and cork, fossil stone and coral.

In addition, Gary Calderwood, a classically trained photographer (he studied with two masters, Minor White and Ansel Adams and had a prior 15-year career as a commercial photographer), has collected photography for many years. Some of the gallery collection represents the visual history of the 20th Century. And much of it represents the emergence of photography as an art form.

Calderwood Gallery was honored to recently be selected one of "The World's Best Antique Shops" by Judith Miller of the Telegraph UK.