The self-taught son of a furniture dealer, Maurice Champion opened his own art gallery in 1930 on Boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris. He showed paintings, sculptures and his own creations in furniture. Modern, functional and devoid of decoration, characterized by their simplicity and balance.

At the 1937 Exposition des Arts et Techniques he presented a dining room inbleached oak with white leather-trimmed dark blue upholstery and a living room also in oak.

In response to requests from his clients, Champion turned to luxurious fabrication after World War II and his furniture evokes the earlier Art Deco period.

He participated regularly in the Salones des Artistés Décorateurs, Nationale de Beaux-Arts, Indépendentants, and Salons d’Automne. His work included commissions for minstries, administrations, private mansions, and the French government.