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French decorator and designer, Batistin Spade, was born in Marseilles. He studied there at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

In 1908 he settled in Paris where he continued to study drawing, painting and sculpture – and in 1910 he became a decorator. He opened an atelier for the fabrication of his own designs. His furniture designs were inspired by classic forms and characterized by refinement and luxury. 

His work included private installations in Paris and Provence; apartments, villas, and castles. Abroad, he did projects in Belgium, Switzerland, North and South America.

Spade’s work ranged from designs for banks, insurance companies, and shipping-line offices  to commissions from the government for offices of government officials and ambassadors. He also worked on thirty oceanliners for the Transatlantic General Compnies, Mixed Navigation, Pack and for the General Society of Maritime Transport and so on. These included the DeGrasse,1926 Ile’de’France, Liberte, Flandre, and the 1935 Normandie.

He also worked for the Mobilier National which purchased furniture for different ministries or entrusted him with the execution of larger assemblies for the Ministries of Labor, the Merchant Navy and the PTT and Finance, and parts of the French embassies in Warsaw and Ottawa.